We are able to turn your vision into reality while guaranteeing the highest of quality!


We offer professional production services
for all television, film, sports and other events.



TV production

We offer a wide range of television services, both in the studio and outdoor. Our operations are based on a solid group of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art technology. We can make materials for television, cinema, show scenes, etc..

Commercial, news and films

We are ready to undertake production work on all kinds of commercial projects, cinema and tv production. We make commercial films for companies, presenting both the company and its products and services in an appealing light.

Professionalism and people

We place at your disposal professional television production specialists, operators, sound engineers, editors, and other television crew members. They ensure a flawless job on every production as well as the highest quality of service.



Editing & Post-Production support

We offer more than ten comfortably-equipped editing workstations for video and audio productions,
as well as rendering post-production services such as color correction, editing, scoring etc.







We offer the highest quality editing work-stations with extensively experienced and qualified editors, or editing assistants, as well as independent work-stations should the artist like to work with their own trusted professionals.


For clients who prefer Apple editing systems, we have prepared a set which utilizes Mac Pc, Final Cut 2 software and Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse.


If you prefer to work with non-integrated systems with media co-working network, you should be interested in renting out our work-station with Avid Media Composer Nitris DX with an internal 16TB matrix, or Avid Symphony Nitris with an external 10 TB matrix and an internal 4TB matrix.


All editing work-stations are compatible with digital video players HDCAM, XDCAM, DIGITAL BETACAM, IMIX, BETACAM SX and DVCAM.